Transformation Prayer Ministry

Transformation Prayer Ministry is a HUGE answered prayer in so many ways – both personally, now 20 years ago, as well as for the Anchored HOPE Center!

We pray you will be in much prayer as God enables us to bring this tool to you in as easy a format to learn and apply to your every day living as possible! We look forward to sharing this tool with you in more detail soon!

We are excited to share with you this FREE amazing tool that helps each of us to cooperate with God as He refines and transforms us into all He has created us to be. We each have so many things that have impacted our lives in ways we can’t understand. But God wants to shed His Truth, His Light upon each of those things we believe in our heart that cause us to not fully trust Him.

If you are interested in more information on this tool, please contact amanda at 615-218-4324.