P A I N… it has a purpose

What would happen if you got a splinter in your foot, yet did not feel the pain, and you kept on walking on your merry way?

You would undoubtedly end up with a sore foot, infection, and possibly even worse if never tended to – lose your foot, leg, or life!

P A I N has a purpose in our lives!  

Transformation Prayer (TPM) gives us a method in which to view life’s difficulties from a heavenly perspective so that we might intentionally and purposefully cooperate with what God is doing as He refines our faith, renews our minds, and transforms our lives.

God never intended us to try and produce the transformation within our lives such as being like Jesus, fruits of the Holy Spirit.  I’m not sure when or how the “church” got this all wrong along the way.  So many of us have been taught…If we just try harder, we’ll be more like Jesus, or we must have more faith, and on and on the emphasis is on us – when we can do absolutely nothing that Jesus, Himself, has not already done for us!

All God asks of us is that we sit still and embrace the work only He can do within each of us!

TPM gives us a method to do just that!!!  If you would like to learn more about TPM, let us know!  Every Monday night you can participate in a free live YouTube with the one God gave this enlightening to…you can ask questions, listen, and learn.  I also have printed off the books for you – so you need purchase anything at all!

This is truly an answered prayer – not just for me personally, but for Anchored HOPE ministry as a whole!

For more information regarding Anchored HOPE, please contact us.

Author: amanda

I began my struggle with depression when I was 13 years old. Following my hospitalizations in 2002, doctors gave my husband no hope of my ever living a "normal" life. But God had another plan! Because of the hope made available to us in Jesus Christ, I now enjoy a life filled with more joy and hope than I ever dreamed possible! My relationship with God is stronger each day regardless of the circumstances I face in everyday life. You Too Can Enjoy a Life Full of Joy and Hope through Jesus Christ!

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