The other night my youngest asked me if I was letting God change me. At first, I was like no, I am still the same nice person overall that I have always been. Then I started thinking, oh how wrong I was. God is changing me so much on the inside.

The old me never would have stepped foot into speaking in front of a crowd and yet I have done that now and it was very freeing to speak about something very near to my heart. I have let God take control and I do not stress as much over all the little day to day things that need to get done. I do not let the enemy attacks bring me to the pit as easily. I am not saying I am healed but a lot better than the old me. With Him the old me has passed away and have been reborn. The old me would have been sunk after one sentence and in a pit of despair over every little thing; now it takes more but I still sink after a while. It is a steady progression on how long before I sink but I do not let it keep me there.

I have been more relaxed and less stressed since just letting God take control. If I start to feel stressed, I turn to God in prayer and just ask Why? or What do we do now? I may not always get an answer right away, but I just keep putting it up in prayer until I do get an answer. I am developing my trust and my faith that way when something does come; I’m prepared, and it won’t send me into the pits of depression again.

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