So this is Christmas

The happiest time of the year — right?

Yes, it should be, but sadly it’s not for so very many! From you, your spouse, your children, your parents, your siblings, your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, to strangers…we are all in the same boat called life. We all have ups and downs we go through, just like the seasons that change. Yet some of us become stuck in the pit of depression, stuck amidst the mire of things that come at us in life. And some of us are the “lucky ones” that just wake up with this black cloud, cover draped heavily upon us that no matter what we do or others try to do, we can’t get out from under its weight, its gloom, it’s pure misery!

Regardless — this does not have to be you…not anymore!

We have been given the sweetest gift, a free gift with no strings attached! This gift is available to each and everyone of us who will choose to believe, choose to trust in the One, the Creator of all, Lord God Almighty and accept this amazing gift He has for each of us in His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior!

You might be telling yourself, “I did that! I was baptized as a child”, or “I am a good person”, or “I go to church!” Those are all great things!

But as we give a gift to those we love this Christmas, this holiday season, or even if you don’t celebrate Christmas then say a birthday present…you don’t expect anything in return for the gift you have given! You give because you care, because you love…and that my friend is what God Almighty has done just for YOU!

So what will you do with the most amazing gift of all time? He’s waiting to have a real relationship with YOU! Don’t wait another second…choose today to accept this gift and see all He has in store for you!

I promise you will never regret this decision…His love, His grace, His mercy, His hope is more than we could ever imagine! And it’s right there waiting for you to accept it! If you would like more information regarding this free gift He has for you, please feel free to contact me using the form below

For more information regarding Anchored HOPE please contact us.

Author: amanda

I began my struggle with depression when I was 13 years old. Following my hospitalizations in 2002, doctors gave my husband no hope of my ever living a "normal" life. But God had another plan! Because of the hope made available to us in Jesus Christ, I now enjoy a life filled with more joy and hope than I ever dreamed possible! My relationship with God is stronger each day regardless of the circumstances I face in everyday life. You Too Can Enjoy a Life Full of Joy and Hope through Jesus Christ!

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