Creating a Life Plan

There are four areas of daily living that enable us to live with the hope God has given us. They might seem rather basic and unimportant, but you have to crawl before you can walk. Basics are good. Basics are fundamental to growing up healthy and strong — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Take one of God’s creatures for example – the giraffe. A new-born giraffe enters the world first falling at least 5 feet or more onto it’s back. After a few minutes the mother then kicks the baby giraffe. This process is repeated until the baby giraffe is standing and walking and then only to be knocked down again by its mother. Why? Because what seems like an unkind act is of vital importance to the young animal’s very existence! This new-born giraffe must be able to run and keep up with the herd immediately following its birth. It is in the falling down and getting back up that we learn how to best handle each situation in life.

There are four critical areas of daily living – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. These four things will either enable and encourage us in the HOPE God has for us or they will disrupt and discourage us. Shakespeare once said, “A man with a toothache cannot be in love.” Meaning simply that the attention demanded by the toothache does not allow him to notice anything other than his pain. Our “pain” in one area of our life seems to mask the health and vitality in other areas of our life.

As you begin the healing journey through depression, it is important to stay balanced. We need balance across our lives. We do not have to sacrifice success in one area for success in another! We need to stay committed to achieving success in multiple areas of life because Jesus came that we might have fullness of life NOW…not just in eternity! Start by identifying the things within each of the four areas – Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional – that either help or hinder your living in hope.


We all need a clear sense of purpose in our lives. A clear purpose will provide you a feeling of continuity and contentment to carry you through life’s inevitable changes. Prayerfully seek God’s guidance and wisdom regarding His purpose for you in this life. He has one just for YOU! We are told to ask Him in James 1:5. So let the journey begin!

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Author: amanda

I began my struggle with depression when I was 13 years old. Following my hospitalizations in 2002, doctors gave my husband no hope of my ever living a "normal" life. But God had another plan! Because of the hope made available to us in Jesus Christ, I now enjoy a life filled with more joy and hope than I ever dreamed possible! My relationship with God is stronger each day regardless of the circumstances I face in everyday life. You Too Can Enjoy a Life Full of Joy and Hope through Jesus Christ!

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