Believe that God can restore me to sanity. This is the 2nd step on the Road to Recovery. How do you believe in something you can’t see? How do you believe in someone/something that the world tells you over and over again doesn’t exist? How do you believe in someone that allows bad things to happen to us, others, the world?

Ultimately, it boils down to a choice…your choice whether to believe or not believe in God, that He does exist, that He is always at work regardless of how things may appear to our human eyes and limited understanding.

Countless individuals, theories, etc. have tried to explain away God. You can choose to believe them, or you can choose to have faith. Each day we wake up and without thinking, we trust, have faith in the air, oxygen that we breathe in without even thinking about it.

Do you know what you believe? Take a look at this about How to know if He’s real…or this about Why does God allow evil… or this about What does it mean to have faith…what have you got to lose? The list could go on for pages, but these are some of the best explanations I’ve seen for defending why I have come to believe as well as countless others since the beginning of time!

In the end, whether we choose to believe or not, we will each stand and give an account to The Sole Creator of the world for all we have done or not done during our lifetime.

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