The first step on the road to recovering with depression is . . .


Admitting I am powerless over depression, my life has become unmanageable, is the first step on the Road to Recovery. This was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do! Admitting to myself, to my husband, to my family, to my employer, to friends, etc. — I have depression. It was as if I was admitting to murder or something! Why? How? What is it about depression that makes us feel so vulnerable, so exposed? It’s not like something we have done created this within us, yet it is like a death sentence in the society we live in and has been this way for quite some time. Depression should be viewed as any other illness, yet it’s not. People are looked down on, as being weak, seeking attention.

Nearly 20 years later when God called me to lead this depression support group, it took me well over a year just to be able to say “depression”. I called it the “d” word! Why is admitting one has depression so very hard? Is it because of the stigma associated with a Christian that has depression? Is it because it’s an invisible illness that there’s not a blood test for?

Regardless of the reasons, we must come to grips with the facts and seek help, both spiritually and physically. It is the first step on the road to recovery. Admitting I am powerless over depression and that my life has become unmanageable is crucial in order to begin accepting something I have no control over. Yet, I know the One that does! The Lord God Almighty is oh so powerful! There is nothing, not even depression, that is stronger than Him! So I look to Him, day after day, minute after minute for my hope.

How about you? I pray you will join me on the road to recovery, true healing that can only come from the One that can do all things!
Join Us Each Thursday Evening at 6:30pm CST. We meet in the House of HOPE Building at Hilldale Baptist Church located at 113 Maxwell Drive in Clarksville Tennessee. Together we can fight the battle against depression!

If you would like more information regarding the HOPE Depression Support Group please fill out the requested information below.

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