Back to the Basics

We get so wrapped up in our everyday routines, consumed by depression and overwhelmed with life in general that we tend to overlook and forget the very basics we need in order to survive!

Remember to keep each of these seven areas in check each day as you begin on the road to recovery. These seven areas are crucial in our daily living in order to function past the mundane, the overwhelming and the depression that so desires to consumed our very life.

  • Stress: stress is the response of your mind, emotions, and body to whatever demands are being made upon you.
  • Food: When you don’t feed your body properly, you become physically depleted, your mind cannot process information accurately and every decision is exhausting.
  • Exercise: The main purpose of exercise is to keep the body healthy by enabling it to eliminate poisons, increase circulation, strengthen muscles, and eliminate stress.
  • Water: Water is involved in every single process in our bodies – digestion, circulation, absorption and elimination. Water is also the primary transporter of nutrients as well as carries poisons out of the body.
  • Prayer & Fasting: In addition to being an important spiritual step, prayer and fasting is also your body’s way of naturally self-healing and cleansing.
  • Fresh Air & Sunlight: Both fresh air and sunlight bring a certain amount of healing and rejuvenation to every part of the body and mind.
  • Rest: During sleep, natural and adequate rest, food is transformed into tissue, the entire system is cleansed of poisons, and the body repairs itself and recuperates. Sleeping pills, alcohol and drugs interfere with these processes.

Yes, we all know these things, but we tend to overlook them, belittle their importance, especially in the scheme of things we are faced with day to day. And when dealing with depression, these are the very things that usually go by the wayside first. So listen to your body. Pay attention to the basics – they do matter more than you think!
Join Us Each Thursday Evening at 6:30pm CST. We meet in the House of HOPE Building at Hilldale Baptist Church located at 113 Maxwell Drive in Clarksville Tennessee. Together we can fight the battle against depression!

If you would like more information regarding the HOPE Depression Support Group please fill out the requested information below.

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