Welcome to Anchored HOPE


The goal for Anchored HOPE is a center that will be available 24/7 for those in search of the life-saving hope only Jesus can truly provide. At Anchored HOPE, we listen, we educate, and we encourage one another on this journey. There is HOPE in the midst of despair! You are NOT alone!

But thankfully you don’t have to wait for the center to get help now…join us!

Currently Anchored HOPE is available for group meetings every Thursday 6:30pm. We have been meeting for 5 years, and Lord willing, in His time, our very own center will be available for all 24/7! Til then, we pray you will choose now to begin your healing journey through depression and anxiety with us as we join together ONLINE via Zoom and/or by CONFERENCE CALL…whichever you find easier!